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Coliform causes recall of entire North Country Spring Water production

Roger Jakubowski
(518) 834-9400

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- Port Kent, NY, March 24, 2006 -- North Country Spring Water, Ltd. of Port Kent ( Essex County ) New York is voluntarily recalling all of its bottled water products because the bottled water may be contaminated with total coliform bacteria and diatoms (algae). The New York State Department of Health has confirmed coliform bacteria and diatoms in some samples of bottled water produced by North Country Spring Water, Ltd. Coliform bacteria are naturally present in the environment and are used as an indicator that other, potentially-harmful, bacteria may be present. The presence of coliform bacteria in bottled water is a violation of the New York State Sanitary Code. Coliform bacteria may indicate the presence of other potential contamination. The presence of diatoms can be an indication that untreated or partially treated surface water is contaminating the source water used in the bottling process.

North Country Spring Water, Ltd. bottled water products were distributed wholesale in New York , Vermont and New Jersey where the bottled water was sold to consumers through retail stores and direct delivery.

Due to the fact that production date codes were omitted from the bottled water containers, all bottled water products with the New York State Health Department certification number 078( NYSHD Cert. #078 ) are being recalled. Bottled water products with the following labels and container sizes are associated with NYSHD Cert. #078 (Note: This recall is only associated with those labels that bear the NYSHD Cert. #078 ):

  • North Country 100% Natural Spring Water - 8 FL. OZ. 237 ml, 128 FL. OZ. (1 GAL.) 3.78 L
  • Hidden Spring Natural Spring Water - 1 GALLON
  • Price Chopper Desert Spring Water - 1 GAL (3.78 L), 2.5 GAL (9.46 L)
  • Loyola Springs 100% Natural Spring Water - 128 FL OZ (1 GAL.) 3.78 LITER
  • Hannaford Natural Spring Water - 1 GAL. (3.78 L)
  • Famous Famiglia " New York Water ... The Best Pizza." TM - 1 GALLON
  • Western Beef Natural Mountain Spring Water - 2.5 Gallons (9.47 L)

No illnesses have been confirmed. Individuals who have consumed this water and have health concerns, or gastrointestinal symptoms, or who are immuno-compromised should consult with their health care provider.

The recall was initiated after it was discovered that products were contaminated with total coliform bacteria and diatoms. Subsequent investigation indicates the problem may have been caused by a potential surface water contamination event at the water source and/or a temporary breakdown in the company's filtration system.

Consumers who have purchased bottled water products with the NYSHD Cert. #078 are urged to return the bottled water to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (518) 834-9400.