Black Dragon Resources takes first tiny steps
to build water company

Black Dragon Resources announced that it has acquired 30 acres of land located over an aquifer in the southern part if Texas known as Carrizo Springs. 

The property, located in a foreign trade zone, includes a 40,000 square foot warehouse and pumping station that presently pumps 350 gallons of water per minute. New wells can be added, and larger pumps installed, in order to dramatically increase production. Management will also investigate the feasibility of installing a bottled water plant at this location.

According to the press release, this area in southern Texas and northern Mexico centers around many small towns which are currently being serviced from bottled water suppliers from Louisiana and further. These communities have expressed an interest in purchasing the water supply from Black Dragon in order to supplement their utilities. The company would receive grants for the construction of pipelines and towers to archive this goal.

Management will be meeting with the public officials within the next 30 days to lay the groundwork on a course action.

Black Dragon Resources, Inc. is a natural resources company engaged in the acquisition, development and exploitation of 1) oil and natural gas properties; 2) fresh water sources; 3) precious metals properties and any other by-product resulting in the development of these resources.