Paris, June 13, 2002

SUEZ is creating* Environment division combining Ondeo and SITA

This division will have a turnover of 15 billion EUR and 120,000 employees

SUEZ is announcing the gathering of all its waste services and water activities withina single division. This division employs some 120,000 persons, represents revenues of 15 billion EUR, and is the international leader for environment activities.

This strategic decision follows last December’s announcement of the establishment of an Energy division. It will enable the Group to improve its efficiency and competitive position in markets that are undergoing major transformation and offering significant growth prospects.

The organization of the Environment division will be wholly customer-oriented through two subdivisions:

- Municipal and Local : based in Paris, this will correspond to the traditional activities of Ondeo and SITA, which today represent a customer base of some 120 million persons for water services, 74 million for waste services and hundreds of thousands of commercial and local industries. It focuses on Europe and the major markets abroad, a rapidly growing territory comprising North America, Central Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa-Middle East.

- Industrial: based in Napperville, Chicago, this business comprises mainly the activities run by Nalco, OIS and Teris LLC. This subdivision will have a portfolio of 60,000 customers for water treatment and environmental services outsourcing. It is organized according to major industry sectors such as pulp and paper, oil and chemicals, etc.

SUEZ’s Environment division will be headed by Jacques Pétry, Chairman and CEO of Ondeo and Senior Executive Vice President of SUEZ. Jérôme Tolot, Chairman and CEO of SITA and Executive Vice President of SUEZ, will be in charge of municipal and local customers. Christian Maurin, Chairman and CEO of Ondeo Nalco, will be responsible for industrial customers.

*This project is subject to consultation with employees and employee representatives.

Gérard Mestrallet, SUEZ’s Chairman and CEO, said:

SUEZ is strengthening its original model by organizing itself around two well-balanced activities: energy (generating 60% of its revenues, 40 % of the Group’s employees) and environment services (40% of revenues, 60 % of the Group’s employees) directed by the two leading professionals in their fields: Jean-Pierre Hansen and Jacques Pétry, both members of SUEZ’s Management Committee.

This is a new and decisive step that will enable our teams to win a growing share of leading international markets. By basing ourselves on an organization that anticipates tomorrow’s leading trends, we will be in a position to keep our lead in each of our business activities. The simple and operational Group structure will allow the reinforcement of common actions between the two divisions.

SUEZ is one of the world's premier services groups, with a staff of 190,000 employees at work in 130 countries, serving industrial, individual, and municipal customers. SUEZ is a leading international player in each of its businesses: the world leader in water related services and in waste services outside the US, among the world's leading energy groups, and nº1 in energy services in Europe. In 2001, it generated revenues of EUR 42.4 billion, 54.6% of which originated outside the Group's domestic markets of France and Belgium.