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Suez Environment to operate Algiers Water and Wastewater

SUEZ Environment and the Algerian authorities (ONA, the National Wastewater Authority and ADE, the Algerian Water Authority) today signed a draft agreement for a public - private partnership for the management of Algiers water and wastewater services regarding the 3.5 millions inhabitants of the city.

This partnership has an initial 5 year duration and is worth nearly 120 million euros. The partnership priority is the upgrading and modernization of the Algiers water and waste water utilities in the aim of rendering services more reliable over the long term. Investment needs will be met by the Algerian authorities who will devote 200 million euros per annum to the progressive modernization of the water and sanitation utilities.

This agreement has been reached following an operational diagnosis carried out in 2002 by SUEZ

Environment at the request of the Algerian authorities aimed at defining long term, sustainable solutions to the water distribution problems that inhabitants of Algiers have been enduring for over 10 years.

In addition to the modernization of the utilities, the contract will be emphasizing the transfer of environmental expertise and skills through an ambitious training program aimed at the 3000 employees of the local water company, Société des Eaux et d'Assainissement d'Alger (SEAL).

In the presence of Thierry Breton, French Economy and Finance Minister, during an official visit to Algiers, Abdelmalek Sellal, the Algerian Water Resources Minister, and Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and Managing Director of SUEZ, were pleased to announce the favorable outcome of the negotiations.