Water Industry News

September 2013

Consistent Water Supply and Pressure for Bahamas

Water Efficiency Project carried out by The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), in partnership with Miya, has already made potable water accessible at any hour of the day, for all residents of New Providence, Bahamas  

A comprehensive 10-year project to maximize the potential of the Bahamas water system has reached its first significant milestone: consistent water supply and pressure for all residents. Over the past few months, manual cutbacks were necessary due to fluctuations that lead to leaks and infrastructure failures. A new automated pressure control system has eliminated the need for cutbacks to conserve water. The achievement of 24/7 service is a key step in connecting more people to the existing water supply network with improved water service.

This is just one small step towards a wholly efficient water distribution system for the island, which, within five years, will also lead to savings of 4 million gallons of clean water every day. The decade-long Water Efficiency Project is being carried out by The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC), in partnership with Miya, part of Arison Investments and a global provider of urban water efficiency solutions, with the support of The Bahamas Government and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The project includes a suite of solutions that maximize existing water resources to ensure water for the Bahamas in a sustainable manner well into the future.  

An additional benefit of the newest development is that local Bahamian desalination plants can lower their production levels and save energy. “This realizes a central aspect of Miya’s vision, focusing on efficient use of valuable existing resources before producing additional water,” sums up Miya’s Director of Global Relations David Arison. “It is unequivocally important to manage our precious water resources efficiently. The WSC-Miya partnership leads to sustainable change that is beneficial to all stakeholders involved.”  

While the most recent development is very promising, pressure management is just a basic first step towards an efficient water system. Once the pressure has been balanced based on critical points to determine consistent levels, other efficiency activities can take place. These include locating and repairing leaks, establishing district metered areas for better control and repairing or replacing pipes, all applying cutting-edge technologies to maximize efficiency gain.  

More about the Project

Miya and the WSC signed a contract to implement a long-term approach to significantly reduce water losses, the major cause of system inefficiency. In the Bahamian water distribution system, almost 7 million imperial gallons per day (MIGD) of water, 90% of which comes from expensive desalination plants, was lost to leaks in the system. The overall goal of the project is to reduce these losses to just 2.5 MIGD in 5 years and 2.0 MIGD in 7 years, while also improving the level of service to WSC customers.  

About Miya

Miya was established by Shari Arison in 2008 as part of Arison Investments, with the vision of ensuring an abundance of fresh water, through efficient management of our world's existing fresh water resources.

More than a third of the world’s drinking water is lost from municipal supply systems, mainly due to undetected underground leaks. The most sustainable and cost-effective way to prevent such losses is to improve the efficiency of urban water distribution systems by effective water loss management.

Miya optimizes water supply in urban water systems worldwide. It partners with utilities to design and implement comprehensive technology-based solutions that significantly improve the client's financial and operational efficiency, while also enhancing customer service levels, reducing energy consumption, and lowering contamination and health risks, to benefit people, community, and the environment.

Miya's solutions comprise an audit of the city’s water system, full project planning, on site execution, maintenance, and training. Holding vast experience in implementing water efficiency projects around the globe, Miya is primarily active in Brazil, South Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, and the Philippines.