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Innovative water purifier for personal water treatment  

The H2gO Water Purifier by Aqua Research LLC may save lives with a few grains of salt to provide safe drinking water to outdoorsmen, travelers, and disaster response teams. People in developing nations may be the greatest beneficiaries.  

Blue overlay with hand 300dpi_gray background.jpgThe H2gO Purifier focuses on ease of use, simplicity, and affordability. The handheld, 3-ounce device makes water safe to drink with 2 button clicks, never needs replacement parts, and was designed for extreme environments. The water treatment device is ideal for campers, travelers, and natural disasters and will be available July 2013 at a price of $80. For those who would like to speed the distribution of these devices to emerging nations the company is accepting contributions to underwrite the cost.  

The H2gO Purifier is sustainable even for people at the poverty line because it is said to be both simple to use and requires only salt and sun to operate.  

The H2gO Purifier works by converting a few grains of common salt to a powerful chlorine-based disinfecting solution in a matter of seconds. It treats 1 to 20 liters of water at a time. Its driven by a cell phone battery that can be charged by the integrated solar panel or USB, able to treat 300 liters of water per charge. One hour of sunlight makes 5 liters (over 1 gallon) of safe water. There is even an LED flashlight for night-time operation. Tufts University Professor Daniele Lantagne says, I have provided technical assistance and evaluation of development and emergency water treatment projects in over 40 developing countries in the last 12 years. I am looking forward to testing the H2gO Purifier in Haiti , to assess the effectiveness of this sustainable device in reducing the risk of waterborne cholera.  

The H2gO Purifier was developed by Aqua Research LLC. It recently launched the product at the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.com to speed up commercialization and allow others to pre-purchase the product at a significant discount over retail. For more information, visit h2gopurifier.com.  

About Aqua Research LLC and H2gO Purifier

Aqua Research of Albuquerque, NM, was formed to serve the water needs of mankind. Founder Rodney Herrington also invented the MSR MIOX Purifier, Popular Science Grand Award Winner in 2003. Experiences with this device have informed design decisions on the H2gO Purifier.