American Water Steps-up Notifaction

American Water Works Company, Inc. Supports New Public Notification Regulations Business Editors
Updated 6:22 PM ET June 6, 2000

NEW YORK (BUSINESS WIRE) - VOORHEES, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 2000--American Water Works Company, Inc. announced today that the Company is in full support of the new Public Notification regulations issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

The regulations, that took effect June 5, 2000, are designed to ensure that timely, clear information is distributed to consumers with regard to situations that may adversely affect their water supply.

"We take pride in our ability to continually supply high quality drinking water in more than 1000 communities where we own and operate water systems...," said Dan Kelleher, senior vice president of operations for the Company, "...but if a problem does occur, we believe the public deserves to be informed of the situation right away, and customers need to know what corrective actions are being taken to address the issue."

Public notice requirements have always been a part of the Safe Drinking Water Act, but EPA recently changed these requirements to make them even more effective. The new regulations identify concise, standard language for the notices, making them easier for consumers to understand. Water suppliers are also required to let people know within 24 hours of any situation that may immediately pose a health risk.

Formerly, water systems had up to 72 hours to provide this notice. This change alone will make it easier for consumers to avoid drinking water that may have been contaminated.

Each year American Water Works customers receive a Consumer Confidence report detailing the quality of their local drinking water. The publication is also designed to educate the consumer about potential contaminants and their respective health implications. In addition, the Company goes beyond EPA guidelines to voluntarily alert those with weakened immune systems that they may be more susceptible to even low-level contaminants in drinking water.

"American Water Works Company has an excellent record of supplying quality drinking water and we continue to meet all 90 limits established by the EPA," said Richard Moser, vice president of water quality for the Company. "Our goal is to remain in absolute compliance with all Federal and State requirements and, when possible, to perform over and above those standards. We applaud the EPA's issuance of updated regulations and its continuous dedication to serving in the best interest of consumers and communities."

American Water Works Company is the largest and most geographically diverse investor-owned water utility enterprise based in the United States. The Company provides water, wastewater and other water resource management services to more than 10 million people in 23 states.

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