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Lynn Scarlett

Lynn Scarlett, Ass't Secretary of Interior speaks of administration's policies in using private sector to bolster government activities.

Melissa Cooper, Communications Director, NCPPP

Melissa Cooper, Cooper, Communications Director for the NCPPP assisting speakers at the annual event and taking orders for photographs of participants.

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At group of government speakers led by NCPPP Chair Emeritus Roger Feldman.

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Oklahoma award winners accept praise of NCPPP leadership and respond with kind words for the work of the Council and for their own staff support.

allen-group-4.JPG (16525 bytes)allen-group-5.JPG (20721 bytes)Keynote speaker Senator Allan (R. Virginia) meets with NCPP officers and staff before delivering an effective talk on the value of public - private partnering.
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NCPPP award winners receive honors for successful partnering or outsourcing of government services to private companies.

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Bob Hebert, Chair of the NCPPP Executive Committee speaks to conference and presents awards to Texas city officials.


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At left Phil Bononsheim engages the audience in a heated discussion about the value of competition.

At right, Wayne Morgan of American Water Services, brings the perspective of a major US private water company to the conversation. 

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Gary Miller of OMI talks about his company's efforts while OPIC and Ex-Im officals speak of government asssitance programs.

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joe superneau.JPG (14872 bytes)Dave Seeader, left, industry consultant gives global perspective while Joe Superneau, right, of Massachusetts presents local view of public-private partnering.

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Art Smith of NCPPP listens to Federal government specialists.

allen-group-6.JPG (20399 bytes)nelson-herbst.JPG (22278 bytes)Keynote lunch speaker George Allen, Repulbican Senator from Virginia meets Rick Norment, Dave Seader and Don Levine (left) while Doug Herbst of CH2M-Hill (far right) chats with industry representatives of US Filter.
soloway-1.JPG (19301 bytes) Oklahoma-B.JPG (18605 bytes) Awards are presented for special projects while advice is offered by industry experts.
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Noted bond counsel, Eric Petersen, of Hawkens Delafield and Wood speaks of finer points of risk allocation and project performance guarantees.

savas-scarlett.JPG (13252 bytes)At left, Professor Steve Savas of City University of New York confers with Assistant Secretary of the Dept. of Interior for Policy Lynn Scarlett.seader.JPG (15934 bytes)

Dave Seader shares his thoughts with industry members.

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Wayne Morgan, Eric Petersen and Bill Nelson take questions from audience.


sorett.JPG (14532 bytes)Steve Sorett of Reed Smith addresses audience (left) while Rick Norment introduces Washington public schools director Vance. vance-1.JPG (18637 bytes)

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Art Smith, Bob Hebert, Dave Seader and Rick Norment shares views at breakfast.

officers and staff of NCPPP
from left> Bob Hebert, Rick Normant, Wayne Morgan, Eric Schweizer, Dave Seader

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Fred Kriess of Tahmes Water and Andy Shea of Poseidon Resources (left) and Rick Norment wtih Lynn Scarlett.


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Attorney Roger Feldman of Bingham Dana starts last day
of conference with critical analysis of project financing