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Sea-change in USA private ownership of infrastructure?
CEO of Aqua America says cities charge too little for water

America's Infrastructure 2007: flooded subways, collapsed bridges, exploding steam pipes


Babcock & Brown raise $3.6 billion
UK water infrastructure still on the shopping list
Brackish water to rural Texas county?
Aqua America's DiBenedictis sees private water companies as US infrastructure savior
Phoenix water rates to increase 10%
New Mexico researchers develop low cost desalination system for home use
NYC Blast Shows Infrastructure Problems
Infrastructure deals top $145 Billion total
Democratic House of Representatives vote $14 Billion for water infrastructure
Canadian Pension Plan is using its $116.6 Billion to acquire international infrastructure
New Mexico researchers develop low cost desalination system for home use
United Water files 28% rate hike for New Jersey
United Water back on buying track
Debra Coy downgrades Insituform to neutral


Macquarie on hiring spree
Macquarie, Carlyle Group and Morgan Stanley to raise $20 Billion for US infrastructure
Private equity growth sets new records
Private equity growth sets new records
United Water proposes desalination plant for Hudson River
American Water awarded for downtown NYC water recycling
Carlyle Group to buy Synagro
AIG buys Dubai port acquisitions
Goldman Sachs' infrastructure fund raises $6.5 Billion
Canadian town thrives under privatized services
Lexington, KY will not acquire American Water 
World pump demand to increase 4.8% per year
California PUC declines 50% increase of American Water
Corp of Engineers rebuilds New Orleans
Israeli company turns sludge to fuel
Mexico ready for US economic downturn
Insituform Technologies Inc.
Calgon shares jump
Barron's reviews hot water stocks
Aqua America profit slips 2%
Nalco Q3 profits up 76%
Thames accepts Macquarie offer
Infrastructure investment the new hot spot could burn some
Australia's leaders ask for domestic investment
Anglian accepts £2.2 billion offer from consortium led by Canada Pension Plan
French raider seeks Suez for $22.6 billion
Qatar was in lead to buy Thames Water
New chlorine resistant polymer aids RO membrane cleaning
Australian energy group with JPMorgan may now lead Thames Water bid
Canada Pension Plan offers to buy Anglian Water, UK
Macquarie bids on Thames
Clean technology attracts billion dollar investment
Recycled water declared safe for spinach crops
Cia Nitro Química Brasileira, Brazil installs GE reverse osmosis
State Attorney General opposes Connecticut Water rate request
GE buys into wastewater
Water business stagnates at GE
George Oliver named President of Tyco Safety Products
Qatar eyes RWE's Thames Water
California company touts new "green" wastewater treatment
New Hampshire septage disposal to increase 50%
Only one dissident to Pennichuck Water hike
Greatest water waste -- wasteful irrigation
New infrastructure discover UK water
Australian infrastructure investors look overseas
Water investments up 35% since '03 -- outperform oil
New AWWA report pegs water infrastructure spending increasing 14% next year
Israeli company develops new ion exchange system
Reverse osmosis -- is there a better way?
Wisconsin membrane ultrafiltration plant at sub-par performance
High silica mineral water may aid Alzheimer patients
Enel will not bid for Suez
Holyoke MA faces 139% sewer rate increase
Gloucester MA considers 200% rate hike over 7 years -- could be America's most costly water system
63% of NOLA water lost to leaks
New Jersey American employees protest company rate increase
Veolia drops plan to merge with Vinci
RWE closer to selling Thames Water at £7 billion
Virginia town raises rates 45%
Small New York town to get 123% rate hike
Tiny town gets giant rate hike
Pennsylvania township approves 40% increase
Birmingham Utilities seeks 24.8% rate hike
Agawam, suburb of Springfield MA raises rates 33%
Grand Rapids suburb to see 35% water rate increase
York Water Company requests 16% rate increase
Congressional subcommittee recommends 22.5% cut in SRF
United Water requests 32% rate hike for Pennsylvania towns-- the public seems not to care

Current costs of residential water and sewer service in California cities

Desalination of sea water reaches new low cost
Basin Water offered at $12/share
Holyoke seeks consultant to oversee Aquarion
Aqua America buys small septage hauling business
Aqua America to acquire Long Island based New York Water
Mueller Water IPO at low end of range opens strong
Layne Christensen stock plummets
Brockton, MA faces steep rate hikes to replace aging systems
Private Tahoe water company forced to sell
Baltimore suburb hit with record property tax increase to pay soaring water treatment costs
Tidewater Utilities of Delaware (Middlesex Water) requests 38% increase
PPP waste-to-energy incinerator reborn in Suffolk, Long Island
Holyoke seeks alternatives after 50% hike rejected
Holyoke seeks alternatives after 50% hike rejected
Stonington CT explores novel wastewater processing
Sweden's Axel Johnson buys Kinetico
Veolia Water NA reports 50% drop in new contracts
Midland, Texas considers brackish water desalination
Oceanside CA starts brackish well water RO system
GE targets US market for new brackish water desal technology
Artesian Water Company keeps taxes it collects -- legally
Arizona regulated water utility accused of wasting money and asking for emergency rate hike
Milford Water Company, MA, gets 25% rate hike
Pennsylvania town raises rates 20%
Connecticut towns desperate for sewage money
Insituform wins Winchester, KY contract on cost and convenience
RWE sells Pridesa to Acciona
GE to buy Zenon
Napa Valley CA town faces 460% sewer rate increase
Don Correll: new American Water CEO
American Water to return to market as IPO
New York State bottler recalls shipments of tainted water
San Antonio Water System will NOT raise rates
An industry expert reports on the Mexico City water forum
Danaher narrows profit forecast
San Jose Water makes first Texas acquisition
Aqua America misses numbers
Joe Burgess named Pres and CEO of Veolia
Severn Trent punished for lying to UK authorities
Calgon sells premium charcoal business
Zenon ends disappointing year on discouraging note
ITT splits stock two-for-one
BCC Research forecasts 9.4% annual growth in membranes
Aquarion to be sold to Australian investor group
Australia serious about privatization of water systems
Will acquisition of Suez affect United Water customers?
Gaz de France / Suez will be Europe's second largest energy group
Suez and Gaz de France agree to block Italy's Enel by merging
Italians furious Suez blocks hostile takeover by Enel
California PUC to investigate charges of "corporate greed" of San Gabriel Valley Water Co.
Philadelphia proposes to outsource biosolids disposal
Palm Beach County to increase water reuse
Miami area desperate for water -- may push desal and reuse
Tennessee city may buy local American Water Company
Norman OK may increase water rate 85% to $24.50 per month
Insituform turns loss to strong profit
Veridium presents new sludge reducing system
Edison NJ seeks 57% sewer rate increase
California Water Service earnings up 56%
Badger Meter doubles earnings
Australia champions new energy-from-sludge project

Cadiz awash in political influence

New Jersey town to be first in the east to recycle drinking water
Siemens deploys world's largest mobile filtration unit
Texas town only to raise commercial and industrial water rates
Wisconsin town asks 164% rate hike
Oil for non-degradable water bottles in US could power 100,000 cars
New corn-based biodegradable water bottle
Dannon to offer fluoridated bottled water
Burlington, VT to vote on fluoride
OMI sued for chlorine discharge
Point of Use sales poised to explode 
Tennessee DEP questions fluoridation
USFilter and Siemens to partner with Israel 
Calgon tries to stop Chinese imports that sell carbon at one-seventh domestic prices
Danaher earnings and revenue soar -- shares up modestly
IDEX misses on revenue, excels in earnings -- shares climb
Millipore misses on earnings excels in revenue -- shares soar 12% 
San Gabriel Valley water company must split real estate sale profits with ratepayers
United Water asks 51% increase for Nyack, NJ 
Pennichuck CEO pleas for truce with Nashua officials
ThermoEnergy wins DOE grant
UK tries new sludge-eliminating technology
Siemens buys water treatment and odor control systems for its industrial divisions
Aqua America turns to wastewater acquisitions
McIlvaine reports strong chemical sales growth in fragmented market
The State of the Water Industry, 2005
John Bradshaw Layfield on water sector investment
Insituform's CFO resigns
Fearful of breakup Charleston WV considers buying American Water
Black & Veatch win four year China contract
Alabama town gets first rate increase in 18 years
Katy, TX may increase water rates to fraction of cost
Boenning & Scattergood launch new international water index fund
California plans water infrastructure
Insituform stock price soars
Cameron Engineering leads Glen Cove to unprecedented nitrogen removal
Pottstown, PA landfill leaches excessive arsenic
Rockford, IL faces 39% water rate increase
Dennis Doll new CEO of Middlesex Water
Zenon moves ahead in sales of drinking water membranes
Flowserve sells its General Services Group
Calgon price surges for no apparent reason




Massachusetts town planning on desalination 
Degremont to use ZeeWeed in $260 million wastewater plant
Missouri City may sell Wastewater plant to American Water
Missouri City may sell Wastewater plant to American Water
Pentair and ITT partner in new pump manufacturing
California Water Services request 273% rate hike for Lucerne
Palls sues for patent infringement
Danaher profits better than expected
ITT splits stock capping excellent year
Is tired bull ready for Clorax and Coke with a bud chaser?
Zenon Environmental projects 4 Qtr loss
One analyst picks four winner for '06
Layne Christensen scores big
ITT disappoints
Aqua America buys wastewater system 
Environmental advocates lose case to raise NOx standards
Few who remain in New Orleans to pay for those who didn't
San Diego accused of covertly planning on water reuse
Koch offers new membranes
Fontana mayor fights water company
Fluoride opposition grows
Fluoride foes win in California court
Dogwood AL earlier adapter of water reuse but resident's believe it was in poor taste
Aqua America: 10% dividend increase, 4 for 3 stock split
ITT poised to benefit from sludge market
Zenon bookings soar as revenue drops
Aqua America CEO warns regulators of venture capital intrusion
Badger Meter declares dividend
Calgon Carbon wins Washington contract
Pall raises dividends
Perchlorate threat to pregnant women treated by USFilter
ThermoEnergy gets Frost & Sullivan award
Sunbelt embraces RO and UF for desal and reuse
Pittsburgh suburb gets 22% water rate increase
California Water Company requests 273% increase
Home water treatment sales reach new highs and growth rates
Aqua America sub goes to the well for 15% hike
Stuff your turkey and yourself  -- not your drain
Watts buys largest China valve company
Ostara Nutrient Recovery converts wastewater pollutants to fertilizer
San Diego accused of covertly planning on water reuse
EPA to adopt Stage 2 disinfectants and by-products rule
Andy Seidel to head Underground Solutions
Aqua America CEO warns regulators of venture capital intrusion
Suez to partner with Algiers water and wastewater
Aqua America closes on four small acquisitions
American Water on the auction block
Zenon home POE ultrafiltration systems approved to microbiological standards
Cal American Water seeks 100% rate hike for Monterey -- cites proposed desal plant as reason
GE donates latest water technology to African hospitals
Annapolis WWTF must meet 3 ppm total nitrogen
Penn towns push back against Aqua America acquisition
Badger Meter names one of 200 Best Small Companies 
American States Water granted temp surcharges
Shares of takeover candidate Zenon strong after warning of lower earnings
Calgon Carbon sales & profits down
Consolidated Water teams with Zenon
ITT profits surge in third quarter
Investors still very bullish on water
Millipore revenues up 14% for quarter
United Water's quick response spares Stonington, RI 
How United Water prevented Stonington overload becoming overflow
Texas needs $100+billion for water 
RWE board split over selling all or part of Thames and American Water
RWE ready to spin-off Thames and American Water
Florida cities receive $$$ to recycle water
Arizona towns will pay hundreds of millions for upgrades
Division of Southwest Water uncover scam by ex-employee
Hawai'i American seeks 12% to 18% rate hike
New Jersey American Water debuts solar power water treatment plant
Badger Meter income increases 12.5%
Insituform receives Reno, NV's largest sewer rehab
Lynn McVay appointed Pres. of Watts Water division
Tetra Tech wins $50 Million EPA contract

Layne Christensen buys Reynolds Water

Fluor wins $500 million contract
Clorox feels pinch of energy and Katrina
EPA backs down on industrial pretreatment
Veolia Water faces tough questions in Indianapolis
Veolia Water awarded 16th contract to manage water services in China
Israel fears Mediterranean pollution from Gaza
Sandia Labs study new desalination technology
New water index published by AMEX
ITT embraces sludge disposal Prudential raises target price to $125/shr
Desal market seen to grow at unprecedented rate
Receding New Orleans waters leave environmental disaster
Receding New Orleans waters leave environmental disaster
Springfield, MA to raise sewer rates
Bermuda's St. George Golf Course reborn with RO
New Orleans and much of Gulf Coast faces massive rebuilding
URS Corp predicted New Orleans flood one year ago
High bid US Water/Wade Trim chosen to operate Citrus County water system 
Reverse Osmosis to supply water for three Florida towns
California Water Service requests triple-digit rate hike
Connecticut Water Company proposes big increases with little public resistance
Pentair to supply RO systems to Mississippi
Analysts say water still a good investment
Layne Christensen buys Reynolds water services
Black & Veatch wins Indonesia contract for Tsunami reconstruction
Fluor and other water-related contractors rush into New Orleans
New Orleans begged Feds to reinforce levee
Earth Tech, Farrans and Kelda to operate 100 MGD water plant in Northern Ireland
Zenon and Maytag donate water purification units to Mississippi and Louisiana
Beltway firms afloat in ocean of green as floods recede in New Orleans
Patriarch Funds Acquire Oasis brand other assets of Columbus-based water cooler manufacturer
ITT Industries to be integral part of New Orleans pump-out
Rural Water Associations ready to help recovery
Federal Water Security Channel responds to crises with assistance exchange
Reverse Osmosis in North Carolina a big success  -- wasteful water consumption a big shock
New high efficiency UV system developed in Israel
Skanska awarded $47 million Atlanta CSO project
Skanska hired by NYC for $60 million wastewater treatment plant upgrade
$340 million Massachusetts water treatment plant to use ozone
El Paso 27.5 MGD desal plant starts construction
Toilet-to-tap water reuse nearing reality in San Diego
Southern California agency may get $15 million boost to water reuse
Killingly, CT signs 10-year deal with United Water
2 MGD ITT RO plant online in Virginia for brackish groundwater
Zenon gets huge New York order for drinking water membrane filtration
New York City to treat drinking water with worlds largest UV system
Submerged membranes may improve wastewater treatment
San Diego desal project in Carlsbad, CA gets big boost
New study predicts $5 Billion/year US equipment market
Frost & Sullivan predicts water equipment innovation
Southern California Water seeks 27% rate hike
Zenon gets China desal pretreatment for power plant
China faces water crises
Emerson gets Harbin wastewater plant contract
New York City may UV disinfect 1.3 bgd of drinking water
Charleston, IN to raise water rates 100+%
Bath Town, WV accepts 20% water rate hike
Puerto Rico to double cost of water
GE to build Africa's largest desal plant
Aqua America chief warns of wrong investment in water utilities
Otay Water District of San Diego to spend most of budget on water recycle plant
Eureka, CA approves 43% water rate hike
Bristol, CT considers 55% water rate hike
Rapid City, SD candidate says it all in proposing 39% water rate hike
Kent County, RI proposes 25% initial water rate hike

New GrahamTek membranes drops reverse osmosis costs to all time low

Steven Johnson confirmed as EPA Administrator
3M to buy filter manufacturer Cuno
United Water spends $18 retrieve each condom from wastewater plant
Kentucky American sues for rate increase day after it is allowed to keep franchise
Poseidon desal plant back on track
Pekin, IL to end wastewater contract operations
Forbes Magazine lauds Aqua America's CEO
Pekin, IL accepts five con-ops bids
Los Angles suburb wrestles with nitrate contaminated groundwater
Aqua America -- growing the business one customer at a time
Aqua America dips toe in dirty water
Peoria debates private or municipal water utility operations
Puerto Rican water expert rejects dire water consequences
Water rates jump 80% in Coloma, WI
Fenton, MI new water treatment plant results in 95 percent water rate increase
New Homeland Security requirements for water industry?
United Water of New Rochelle, NY asks for 40% rate hike
United Water leaves Laredo...pronto
Latest Canadian import causes big stink in Michigan
Groupe Laperriere to acquire Jones & Attwood assets
Fed desal technology test facility funded
Veolia returns to modest profitability
Zenon to sell largest membrane biofilter
Victory for foes of eminent domain
Southern New Jersey still hesitant on fluoridation
Jersey City awards bonus to United Water
Bush names Steven Johnson EPA Administrator
Peoria may buy Illinois American Peoria division
Indian company develops low-cost desal system
Santa Fe, NM to spend hundreds of millions to buy and treat brackish water
Ambitious new desalination plan for Monterey California
City honored for upgrading sludge for food growth 
Former Atlanta Mayor to Stand Trial in September
Virginia flooded with sludge -- imports more
Canada returns from Tsunami with Zenon still fighting
Zenon sues to service its military water systems units
Jersey City Utility Authority short of funds for contract
Zenon leads effort to bring water to tzunami survivors
Danone and Nestlé learning limits of office/home water market
Zenon files new claim against USFilter
Zenon withdraws patent claim against USFilter
Fluoride finally comes to Palm Beach, Florida
Mike Stump, former PSG CEO returns to prison for bribery





Black & Veatch leads desalination research project
Californians to pay much higher water rates -- no help from governor or president
Modesto, CA accepts big rate increase -- fails to get 50% opposition
Parish in Louisiana to double water rate
Aquarion profits a drag on Kelda bottom line
Anti-privatization citizen group activates in Holyoke
Richmond CA gives 18 year $70 million wastewater contract to Veolia
Puerto Rico dangerously near permanent drought
Atlanta fails to match United Water collection record
Atlanta gets tough on the poor
Sacramento raids local taxes, leaves water district budgets high and dry
GE buys Ionics
American Water to fix and operate Tampa desal plant
Pennsylvania town raises rates after rejecting privatization
American Water Co. gets meager water rate increase
Lee, Massachusetts rejects public-private partnership
OMI wants out of West Haven and New Haven, CT
Industry releases "blueprint" for private partnering
New report casts brighter light on municipal outsourcing
Water technology is now very popular science...and Zenon leads the way
Atlanta Shutting Off Water as It Tries to Collect $35 Million Overdue
Harvard divinity meeting places need for spirituality in water distribution
United Water pushes leak insurance....does the customer benefit?
California Water Services requesting 24.8% hike
San Antonio facing major water rate increase
Veolia Environmental loses money in third quarter
New study shows water companies increased water costs slightly
NAWC reports steady growth in private water industry
Frost & Sullivan: bullish on membrane technology
Black & Veatch awarded AWWA research contract
Citizen activists group sprout in Holyoke to question Aquarion contract
Poseidon Resources approved for landmark Water Purchase Agreement in California
One City Councilor questions Holyoke agreement with Aquarion
Holyoke nears agreement with Aquarion on $170 million operating contract
Aquarion Water rates to drop in Fairfield CT
Aquarion services in final phase of Holyoke, MA award
Carl Junction, MO considers raising water rates and adding fluoride
Aquarion rates to go down rather than up
Would-be mayors of Los Angles lead fight against rate increases
Richland PA board arms against 122% water rate increase
Huntington, WV agrees to 28% rate increase
Great Falls, Montana renews 10 year contract with Veolia 
Lee, Massachusetts partnership viewed from the industry

Mayor Nagin declares water public private partnering dead in New Orleans

Westerly, RI wastewater treatment plant operated by Aquarion Services wins quality award
Hollister, CA facing 60% rate increase
Modesto, CA grapples with alternatives to 150% water rate hike
Modesto, CA grapples with alternatives to 150% water rate hike
Earth Tech to pursue Homeland Security projects
Siemens completes USFilter aquisition
Mayor Nagin declares water public private partnering dead in New Orleans
Former Atlanta mayor Campbell claims innocence after indictment for racketeering


CT Attorney General opposes Aquarion rate request 
Lee, MA almost ready to commit to Veolia for contract operations
Anonymous accuser claims United Water falsified sampling reports
Texas town increases water rate 35% to 40%
Saugus, MA manager seeks 39% water rate hike
Parkersburg, WV approved 13% initial rate hike
Jackson, MS hikes water rate 24%
Southwest Water to operate Moss Point, MS water system
Cal American agrees to county ownership of desal plant
Black & Veatch professionals win top award
Small town DPW workers contract private operations 
Quiet town struggles with decision on contract operations
Former Atlanta mayor Campbell indicted for racketeering
Another aid to former Atlanta Mayor Campbell admits to irregularities
Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell investigated
CT Attorney General opposes Aquarion rate request
Falls River awards Veolia Water $39 million contract
United Water donates $10,000 to charity
Massachusetts towns consider desal plants 
Veolia to design-build-operate two 4 MGD wastewater plants in US Virgin Islands 
Another Massachusetts town considering desalination
Massachusetts towns consider desalination
California residents hear fears of desalination foes
USFiler awarded 4.5 mgd RO
America's West runs out of water
Tampa Bay sues Hydranautics for desal plant
New Mexico  farmers squabble over water rights
El Paso/Elephant Butte irrigation district gives farmers 50% more water
New Mexico's largest reservoir, almost empty
Hingham, Massachusetts considers desalination
Pawtucket, RI cuts ribbon on EarthTech wastewater plant
Peter Moerbeek named president of Water Partnership Council
US$245 million desal plant for Australia
Aquarion asks to raise rates up to 28% in CT
Aquarion peacefully reaches agreement with CT community
Charles Firlotte heads Aquarion
Maytag to distribute Zenon in-home filters 
Aurora, CO plans 35-mile pipe to double water supply
San Diego County approves $2 billion in water projects
Aqua America buys remaining Florida Water
United Water loses money in Milwaukee but earns praise for work quality
Veolia proposes to replace not rebuild Lee, MA wastewater treatment plan
United Water granted rate increase in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
United Water beats standards in Pine Bluff, AK
Southwest Water buys almost 100 water companies
Massachusetts communities struggle to find competitors for wastewater operations
Four dollar/month rate increase panics Pine Bluff
New Orleans waste millions on "connected" consultants?
Lee, Mass may select Veolia to operate all water systems
Milwaukee dumps billions of untreated gallons
Siemens buys USFilter hardware division
Angleton, TX is not immune to lawsuit
USFilter sludge dryer "explodes" in Florida
Altoona, PA may sell water system -- the pros and pros
Something not kosher in NYC water say rabbis
Thames USA, Aqua America and United Water vie for Altoona, PA water systems
Lynn, Massachusetts to raise water rates
Aquarion requests 14% rate hike
The New Orleans Times-Picayune view of what went wrong
New Orleans private partnering plan dead
Only Veolia proposes in Lee, MA
Hoosac water authority fined by EPA may turn to privatization
Indianapolis worries about loss of civil service talent
Public Citizen view of New Orleans termination of private participation
Fear-driven community considers municipalization
Aqua America buys former Florida Water facilities
Scranton, PA may suspend American Water
Widespread MTBE contamination in Connecticut
Angleton TX plans to sue Veolia Water
Poseidon-Carlsbad project slammed by San Diego Water Authority
Wastewater treatment plant in Texas fined 
Easton, PA awards Miller one year contract
Lee, MA considers contract operations
American Water recieves award for emergency repairs
United Water wins suit to get payment from Houston
Earth Tech and USFilter neck-and-neck in bid to operate 5 employee Illinois facility
Black Dragon Resources takes first tiny steps to build water company
Little Chute, WI seeks private operator but must have competitive bids
Is Anglian Water ready to reenter the US market?
Is Suez back in the game with 117-customer water acquisition?
New Orleans mayor may dissolve Sewer and Water Board
Brockton Massachusetts considers desal plant
Excessive lead in Washington tap water endangers thousands
PRASA now part of Puerto Rican government
Aquarion seeks 14% rate hike
Desalination stirs debate and anti-business hostilities
Easton, PA weighs three offers for 10-year operating contract
Rockland, MA tries to change procedures after embezzlement
National water use declines through conservation -- growth in lawn watering 
Schwarzenegger dives into desalination
Wave of Desalination Proposals
Rockland, MA audits USFilter contract
Streator Ill may seek competitors to USFilter contract 
USFilter dismissed from Lynn, MA 
USFilter adopts parent's name: Veolia
Underground Solutions awarded PVC pipe liner contract for Baton
Puerto Rico water systems worse since Ondeo dismissed
Small Wisconsin town goes through public private partnering issues in miniature
Rockland, MA terminates USFilter citing bid rigging of predecessor company
Peter Moerbeek named Pres and CEO of Southwest Water
OMI terminates wastewater plant operating contract with Santa Paula CA 
USFilter businesses to be sold by Veolia
Synagro may try to buy pellitizing contract for Detroit sludge
United Water in continuing battle for treatment plant in Eastchester NY
Poseidon fights eminent domain of desal plant by San Diego Water Authority
Streator, Illinois terminates USFilter
Pennichuck Water Company fights Nashua eminent domain
Ontario considers privatizing water system
North Adams MA considering water system public private partnership
Zenon books largest ultrafiltration plant in North America
Black & Veatch designs esthetically pleasing filtration plant
Hamilton, Ontario to continue contract operations for next 10 years
Business opportunities in the water industry
San Diego Water Authority suspends negotiations with Poseidon
Bacteria to eat ammonia in Syracuse's Lake Onondaga
New Hampshire lifts Aquarion moratorium
Zenon names two water industry veterans to management
USFilter named best in overall service and performance
DeBenedictis, CEO of Aqua America wins investors forum
Black & Veatch wins award for membrane technology
Hamilton, Ontario to seek operator for 10-year water system contract 
Angleton, TX terminates USFilter
Strains develop in desal plant partnership
Canadians oppose federal support for public-private partnering
PRASA terminates Ondeo Puerto Rico terminates PRASA
Veolia wins 8.5 billion euro China deal
New Orleans private partnering drifts toward irrelevance
Severn Trent Services contract in Marcellus, MI extended
Former USFilter employee investigated for corrupt practices
Atlanta blames growing city debt on United Water refusal to cut-off water
Fitch rates Milwaukee Sewer 'AA+' credits United Water
Atlanta sewer bond ratings drop  -- politics blamed
Another bond rating agency downgrades Atlanta water and sewer bonds
Judge voids Stockton deal OMI -Thames must "unwind" project
Tim Chinn named VP of Zenon global business
USFilter gets private / muni contract 
Rockdale GA may add water to wastewater contract operations
Suez starts 30 year contract in China
Angleton, TX agrees to negotiate contract extension with USFIlter
B&V builds largest membrane water treatment plant in Singapore



DeBenedictis appointed to state water committee
Aquarion installs experimental energy recovery microturbines
Severn Trent makes major gain in arsenic removal technology
The full story on the IRS lettter ruling for Phoenix
Covanta lives to fight another day
Angleton, TX tries to terminate USFilter operating contract
Severn Trent awarded two Florida contracts
Tampa cancels plan for more desal plants 
HOOSAC (New England) water authority votes against public private partnering
HOOSAC member charges conspiracy
USFilter sells Everpure
Canadians debate water privatization
Stockton, CA lawyers argue citizen health at risk if water contract ends
OMI reorganizes Stamford, CT treatment plant 
Indianapolis workers want better pension in new contract wtih USFilter 
Newly discovered bacterium eats toxic waste
Pontiac, MI officials are "fairly certain" there was no bacterial contamination
Six Florida schools inspected for toxic water
Severn Trent's Eclox test system chosen by Pittsburgh
New Orleans and USFilter resolve financial dispute
USFilter is set to sell Chester Engineers
Black & Veatch complete first US installation of AquaDAF 
Hoosac Water District deadlocked on privatizing wastewater plant operations
Mayoral candidate warns Indianapolis faces 100% rate increase
Mike Leavitt confirmed as EPA Administrator
Judge in Stockton con-ops decision declares OMI - Thames contract valid and in force
Jeremy Pelczer named President of American Water
OMI -Thames Stockton privatization stopped by Superior Court
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt to be confirmed by Senate for EPA head
Another piece of Florida Water Services gone
Mike Stump Ex-President of PSG to go to jail
Former Supt. of Sewers for Rockland, MA and USFilter Director acccused of embezzlement
Zenon sues USFilter for patent infringement
Florida struggles with water plan including privatization
USFilter and NOLA Water Board near settlement
Severn Trent awarded two Florida contracts
AnAerobic began installing its breakthrough sludge handling technology
Newly discovered bacterium eats toxic waste
American Water Services awarded 50 year DOD contract
Covanta in default -- has 48 day "cure" period
USFilter to sell equipment divisions
Severn Trent named leading utility in Dow Jones Sustainability World Index
Pawtucket, RI finally hires EarthTech for $47 million  water DBO
Rapid City, SD rejects lease-back of its wastewater treatment plant
Future mayor of Taunton, MA rejects privatized operation of water treatment plant
New Orleans Mayor in deperate effort to save public private prospects
Falls City, Texas may privatize operations
USFilter wins award for Hawaii water reuse
Black & Veatch partnership now building Phoenix water treatment plant
Covanta nears default on Tampa Bay desal plant
Marco Island, FL to buy their water system from Florida Water Co.
Brain damaging contaminant found in Iowa drinking water
Tests show private New Jersey water wells contaminated
Drugs in our water suply
Florida towns to buy private Florida water company
Florida homes accidently drink wastewater
Former USFilter district manager of Rockland, MA charged with embezzlement
Suez sells Nalco for $4.35B — takes $800M loss
Why the sudden Wall Street interest in water companies?
USFilter quietly closes office in New Orleans
"Concerned Citizens" fight Stockton deal in court
California report criticizes desalination
Philadelphia Suburban now Aqua America
IRS letter ruling opens door to private use of tax-free bonds
Op Tech to make bid to operate Moss Point, MS
New Orleans may raise water/sewer rates 71%
Organized agitators lead effort to stop New Orleans water partnership
Carla Proulx named VP Pipeline Operations
Halifax award Ondeo's DBO deal to local firm
Florida homes accidently drink wastewater
Philadelphia Suburban buys AquaSource
Stockton water employees get big severance payment

New Orleans professional agitators stir trouble at  privatization

New Orleans about to throw in the towel

Stockton water employees get big severance payment

Phoenix awards DBO to American Water

Hoosac water authority fined by EPA

Mike Stump to be sentenced

Zenon awarded $34 million contract in Georgia

Zenon preselected for Gwinnett, GA

Tulare, CA  may privatize wastewater plant

Tulare, CA considers privatization 

United Water drops out of New Orleans procurement

Citizens of New Orleans to vote on privatization

New Orleans' Mayor Nagin fires two anti-privatization members

New Orleans Sewer & Water Board annual budget

Louisiana legislators assures New Orleans referendum on privatization

Severn Trent and Adedge chosen by EPA for arsenic removal

Phoenix privatizes water

Pensacola seeks $150 million for odor control

Paris, TX must raise water rates, fire 13 employees or privatize

Tulare, CA is considering privatizing wastewawter operations

Stockton deal nears last hurdle -- union approval

Term limits in Stockton threatens privatization

Feds to privatize hundreds of thousands of jobs

Zenon gets Stockholm Industry Water Award

USFilter in conflict with New Orleans

Frostburg, MD blames rate increase on privatization

Peoria and Springfield, two sides of the same issue

First rooftop solar system for wastewater treatment system

Venice, FL plans to privatize wastewater treatment

Black & Veatch snags Chicago water system mater plan  

New Orleans Mayor fires director of water board

Christine Whitman resigns as EPA Administrator

New Orleans Mayor vows to fight State Senate water privatization referendum

First wastewater solar PV panels

Louisiana legislature orders New Orleans referendum 

Florida panhandle has cleanest, safest beaches in USA

Hoosac extends proposal deadline to June 4, 2003

Hoosac chairman quits over privatization

Most of New Orleans opposes privatization

Pascagoula, MI awards c0n-ops to OpTech

New Castle, DE presses ahead in sewer line DBO

New Castle, DE may contract sewer DBO

New Orleans restarts privatization

New way to test water -- automatically

New Orleans tries privatization...or managed competition

Iraq war distracts global water management planning in Kyoto

New bio-chemical water contaminant detector

New Jersey requires upgrades quality of reservoir water

New Jersey finds 154 contaminants in drinking water

Whittier CA recycles superfund wastewater

Tampa rethinks wastewater recycling

New Orleans re-starts privatization efforts

Stockton City Council approves contract with OMI-Thames

Stockton leaders speak about contract

Stockton vote Wed. -- but battle may continue

Tampa Bay desal due to start late, but soon

Anglian Water / AWG buyout offer

French defend against foreign water control

Atlanta ends 20 year privatization after 4 years

What went wrong in Atlanta privatization?

Volusia County, FL considers ocean desal

Ohio county considers private partnering for water/wastwater

New York State faces $12 billion budget gap

Black & Veatch awarded $450 million BOT

Zenon wins CDN $30 million ZeeWeed contract

EPA gives EMC award for quality

Tampa desal plant to go on line

EPA to change enforcement procedures

Mass. Water Resource Auth. to raise rates and layoff workers

Los Angeles among the worst water pollutors